Errico Malatesta

Erico Malatessta risked his own freedom for complete freedom from government for all people. He Wrote numerous articles that spoke out for anarchism. He not only wrote about it, he carried out his ideas as well. He devoted all that he could to gain a world without a government.

He was born in 1853 in Capua Italy. He grew up believing in individualism.( ) He went to the University of Naples where he studied medicine. In 1871 He joined the Naples section of the international working Mens' Association. In 1872 He became a part of Saint Imer Congress of the international with Bakunin. In 1973 He began to take action. Malatessta, Bakunin, Cafrero and Costa began to spread internationalist propaganda. (Poole) Malatessta received jail time for his actions. In 1877 He would help to take over a small village called Letino. They gave the people of this town Arms, expropriated goods, tax money and destroyed official documents. They did the /same thing the next day in Gallo where they were caught and put in prison for a year. (Poole) After he was released he was watched very closely by police. He then found his way to geneva where he teamed up with Kropotkinto produce La Revolte. In 1881 He joined the congress of International. This group started the Anarchist International. Malatessta fought against the British colonists with the Egyptians. In 1883 he produced the first serious anarchist newspaper to be published in Italy called La Questione Sociale. He went in and out of prison for the things that he spoke out for and still managed to keep La Questione Sociale running. Later he produced several other newspapers and famous writings. In 1914 He spoke out against the war and against the anarchists that supported the war with articles such as Pro-Government Anarchists, and Have Anarchists Forgotten Their Principles . He went on to be an editor for several newspapers. In 1924 he was put under house arrest, and continued to write for Le Reveil of Geneva, and l'Adunta Del Refrattari of New York. Malatesta died in 1932 at the age of 79.(Poole)

Erico Malatessta was a very committed to his views about the world and how it should be structured. He gave everything he had to the fight for his anarchism. He gave his words, his actions and his freedom.